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About Fujuu Studio.

Fujuu Studio is a collective of artists and designers who produce 2D and 3D works including new media art and technologies. The group develops site-specific installations, sculptures and experiential art for clients.

The studio’s sculpture production is rooted in the practice of veteran sculptor Terry Poh Ju Yong, a sculpture graduate of Middlesex University London, UK. Poh is experienced with casting in metals (bronze, aluminium, steel) as well as in direct carving methods with stone and wood. W. Ming has explored castings and fabrication as well as works involving new media technologies.

The studio is one of the rare spaces with its own printmaking press that produces unique and limited edition works on paper; it also has its own photographic studio that creates its own photographic works and mixed-media pieces.


Our Works.

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Who we are

Terry Poh

Terry Poh (b. 1944) is a sculptor, painter & designer. A Fine Art graduate (BA Hons) from Middlesex University London, UK, the artist completed post-graduate studies in Art & Design majoring in Sculpture. Working with direct sculpting in his stone works and foundry casting in his bronze sculptures, the artist also deploys ‘construction’ materials such as cast-iron rods, plates and wires in his assemblages. His works have won awards and accolades including the Distinction Award at the Tan Tsze Chor Awards in 2012, and two Commendations in the UOB Painting of the Year [1997].

W. Ming

W. Ming (b. 1975) produces sculptures and new media installations. A Masters-of-Science graduate in Telecommunications and Multimedia from the university Institut Supérieur d’Electronique de Paris (ISEP) in Paris, France, he was apprenticed to a professional sculptor at Fujuu Studio for 8 years and has melded conventional sculpture fabrication with new media technologies in his practice.


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