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Remote Customer Service jobs are the most common work from home jobs with no experience requirement. In this post, you’ll see which companies have entry-level openings AND you’ll get some helpful tips that can lead to better jobs !

There are a lot of companies hiring people to do customer service from home and you don’t need a ton of experience because a lot of them train you ‘their way’.

So today, we’re going to take a look at several Customer Service jobs that are great for beginners.

But first, let’s get this out of the way:

You Need These Customer Service Skills and Requirements

Let’s take a quick look at the skills and requirements you need to be a successful remote Customer Service Specialist.

Most of the skills you inherently have, some you develop, all are equally important in making a career as a remote Customer Service Specialist.

Starting with the basics:

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  • You’re able to communicate ‘positively’,
  • You have a pleasant demeanor,
  • You’re patient,
  • You’re courteous,
  • You can multi-task,
  • You like helping people get to the bottom of things,
  • Spelling and grammar come easy to you

And on the technical side…

  • You can type at least 30 words per minute
  • You’re familiar with a variety of software programs
  • You need a “new-ish” computer with at least Windows 7.
  • A secure internet connection is almost always a must (most companies don’t want you to use WiFi because it’s not secure)
  • You need to meet specific download/upload speeds according to a company’s requirements.
  • Headsets are almost always needed. This is the one I recommend (because i used it and it is comfortable with pretty good sound quality): Jabra UC VOICE 550 Duo Corded Headset for Softphone

As far as the education needed, it depends on the job and company. Some positions require a college degree – even for an entry level Customer Support role – and some just want you to have knowledge with specific tools.

For instance, this Customer Success Engineer job with Files.com doesn’t mention the need for a degree but they do want you to have knowledge with hosting related topics and technologies.

16 Remote Customer Service Jobs For Beginners (and they’re almost always hiring) - The Wary Worker (1)

OK, now let’s get to the actual jobs

Remote Customer Service Jobs For Beginners

These companies have entry-level customer service jobs that are almost always available and can be done from home.

ABC Financial

ABC Financial is a leading gym management solution company that almost always has openings for Customer Support Representatives and Technical Support Specialists. They offer their employees healthcare, vision and dental coverage and a generous 401 K plan.

In addition to Customer Support jobs, ABC has remote jobs in Sales.

Active Network

The work at home Customer Support jobs offered by Active Network are usually only available in the Spring/early Summer. You’ll be hired as an employee answering inbound calls regarding sports reservation requests. They’re sticklers about not sharing the rate of pay, but I have read from past and current employees that they make about $9.00 an hour.

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According to Agent24:

…agent24, inc. is a 24×7 after-hours travel service provider. We currently have openings for corporate travel reps to join our successful remote agent workforce. Agents will process incoming calls from agency clients requiring changes to existing reservations or to book new reservations. We work in five GDS systems (Apollo, Galileo, Sabre, Worldspan, and Amadeus). Candidates must have the ability to problem solve, work independently, offer exemplary customer service skills, and follow all agency clients’ policies and procedures…


Allstate goes the extra mile, offering training to new hires so you can grow and develop into more advanced roles. In addition to inbound and outbound Customer Support roles, Allstate frequently has openings in Claims, Sales, and Finance.


Even though they expect at least a year of experience dealing with the public, you only need a High School diploma (or equivalent). You’re assigned a specific schedule but they do claim to be flexible in letting you have some input in that schedule. And if you want to swap your shift they’ll work with you on that. Training is done by conference call and can take a few weeks.


Humana always seems to have remote openings in Customer Service, and they don’t require a college degree. However, you do need some experience in a customer-facing role (did you ever work in retail or fast food ?)

To see the remote opening with Humana, go to their careers site where you’ll see ALL their job openings.

16 Remote Customer Service Jobs For Beginners (and they’re almost always hiring) - The Wary Worker (2)

Scroll down the page and look for the Work Style section located on the left. Click ‘Work At Home’ and take a look at all the remote jobs, some in Customer Service.

Intuitive Solutions

Intuitive Solutions is a managed call center service that assists businesses of all sizes with their Customer Service needs. Currently, they are hiring Home Agents to work on the behalf of Pizza Hut taking food orders. You can expect to earn $0.55 cents per order taken, with a total earning range of $7.50 to $10.50 per hour.

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Lester USA

Virtual Call Center Advisors are needed with Lester USA. You’ll be part of the Lester team, working from home work on a broad range of interesting projects for clients in the Publishing, Non-Profit, Information Services, and Technology industry. For example, for Lester’s publishing industry clients you would help renew or acquire new subscribers for client’s magazines and newsletters.


NexRep is a well-established company that hires Agents who thrive on caring, innovating, problem solving, thinking big, teaming up, and playing hard. Their Agents are assigned a single client and you get to set your own schedule.

To get started working from home as a NexRep Customer Service Agent, just go to their careers page and click the blue Agent Opportunities button.

16 Remote Customer Service Jobs For Beginners (and they’re almost always hiring) - The Wary Worker (3)


They prefer previous experience but they don’t specify how much. Even though this is an inbound customer service call-center job (at home), you are hired as an employee and eligible for benefits. Even though you have to commit to the same work schedule, they do offer both part and full time work.


Staples seems to have openings every few weeks, with a variety of shifts and schedules. You need a High School diploma or GED and a year (or two) of customer service experience (though not in a call center setting…think of your past work history as a cashier or waiter/waitress/hostess). Staples requires you attend a 4 week on-site training class so you have to live in the specific areas where they are hiring.

Tip: in the Search Criteria section, type Work From Home in the keyword box.


Smart with computers? Have a year of experience in customer support or technical service? Support.com always seems to be hiring work at home customer support specialists. Depending on the actual position you get, the pay starts at $10.25 up to $11.00 an hour, benefits are included.


This is a company that hires in over 60 countries providing customer service support and retention services to some of the biggest companies out there. Many of their jobs prefer – but don’t require – previous experience. They expect you to be able to multi-task, handle a high volume of incoming calls, and have a High School diploma (or GED).

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A leading outsourced customer contact organization, OutPlex hires work at home agents who can type at least 30 words a minute and multi-task with ease. Just a High School education is all you need for this job.


As an employee for OneSupport, you’ll be assigned to one of their many well-known clients providing technical, billing, and customer support in an entry-level capacity.

Benefits are included but to be considered you have to live in one of these states:

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Florida
  • Idah
  • Illinois
  • Kansas
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • Montana
  • Nevada
  • New Mexico
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Virginia
  • Wisconsin

OneSupport is pretty strict on their computer and internet requirements so be sure you have the right stuff.


It’s easy to find work with uHaul. Just go to their jobs page, type the words call center in the Category box and work from home in the Location box. Then click the SEARCH JOBS button and confirm you’re either a current team member or new applicant.

16 Remote Customer Service Jobs For Beginners (and they’re almost always hiring) - The Wary Worker (4)

Uhaul expects you have at least 6 months previous customer service experience, which is not too shabby as far as a company requiring experience is concerned.

Helpful Tips To Become A Remote Customer Service Specialist

Now that you know of companies that hire work from home Customer Service Reps., here’s some more information that will get you going:

  • Your past job as a cashier, hostess or server counts as customer service experience. Be sure to sell it when applying.
  • The pay depends on the company, but expect to make anywhere from $9 to $12 an hour. Remember, these are work at home jobs so you don’t have the added expense of commuting.
  • Customer service titles vary by company. You may be called an Agent, a Rep., a Specialist, or a Customer Service Engineer
  • Some companies hire your as an Independent Contractor instead of an employee. In these cases, don’t be turned off by the “you’re a business owner” language some of these companies use. They’re just saying that you don’t work for them, you work with them. You provide customer service to their clients on their behalf.
  • Most of these jobs are considered “call center” or “contact center” jobs. Don’t worry, you don’t work in a big open office with a bunch of other people…you’re working from home doing a customer service job
  • Setting your own schedule can be great…and not so great. Remember, the fewer hours you work the less money you’ll make.
  • You should be friendly and courteous, even when your customer isn’t. Just don’t take it personally when a customer gets nasty. It’s just a job.
  • Training is usually provided and often paid (at a lower pay rate than when you get hired). The length of training depends on the company but can be a short as one week or a long as three months.
  • Bilingual? This open up even more opportunities.

What do you think?

If you’re seriously ready to get a job that will open more doors to higher-paying opportunities, these companies are great options.

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I would love to know if any of you gals or guys have gotten a job with one of these companies.

Tell me what you think of it…and if it really opened new doors.


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Why should we hire you with no experience? ›

Sir, I am a quick learner as well as a Hard worker and my skills and qualifications are eligible for that position I am self-motivated and I enjoy doing a job in the team. Sir. I am a fresher, I have theoretical knowledge, but I can do hard work for my organization. I can finish the work even to me on time.

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