Money - Stacked, 1992 to present

H10 x 15 x 12 cm

Artist: Terry Poh

“The catalyst for Stacked was my encounter with an armoured bank vehicle.  Heavily armed guards were protecting a stash of banknotes that looked like a massive monument.

I was stunned by the physicality and materiality of money in that moment.  The currency stacks had unexpected heft and mass; and in that configuration, they possessed a brute presence. I realised I had become so lulled by ‘invisible’ money (credit-cards, cheques, electronic transfers) that I had lost sense of the physical form of money.

So began a project that has lasted over 25 years – exploring coins and notes in stacks and columns, in rolls, bundles and blocks. I wanted to undermine the usual traits of money – the nebulous nature of electronic cash and the fragility of paper money. Casting in bronze allowed me to intensify money’s sensuous and visceral qualities, and imbue it with longevity and a kind of invincibility.”

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